° I’m falling in too deep and I regret it “I don’t know” It’s all we have left to say. How do we pick ourselves up now? If the clouds bring the rain, Before we evaporate, I’ll never be able to say... I love you. Thinking... About all my regrets and contradictions. Where do I go? I thought this would start like rain... Do I learn to grow up now, Or just fade away Under this tree of shame? Or will I be able to say... I love you, I love you... And all you thought Would never change Washes away, It will never be the same… ‘Cuz all I see And all I feel Takes me away, Takes me away... And all you do, And all you say, Washes away, Away with the rain... Stay bright, little fireflies... Make light before my eyes... Wish I could love you... And I don’t regret the rain... Now that I’m sinking, I will just sink away... There's a firefly loose tonight Better catch it, Before it burns this place down And I lie If I don't feel so right, But the world looks better Through your eyes....... °

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